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From our offices based in Michigan and Illinois, our dedicated staff provides engaging radio presentations, mixing together the familiar, the up-and-coming and the interesting.  We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do!


Information and credits:


Music heard on our stations is mostly of a promotional nature, legally obtained from various DJ pools and radio promotion services.  We have registered on a variety of promotional outlets to ensure we can secure the latest and newest music, as well as DJ pools which have many songs from the last few decades available for use.

Additional songs come directly from the artists themselves through promotional arrangements – we promote the artists on air and on social media and they help promote our radio stations on their own social media outlets or at their live events.

We are always looking for artists, record labels and other promotional services to use on our stations.  If you are interested as an artist, record label or music promoter… come and get heard!  Our stations can work for you!

Track submissions are accepted through our DropTrack service. We prefer broadcast quality tracks. Please submit them below:

The music we play is licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and other international performance rights organizations through agreements with Radionomy.


We make no money from the advertising you hear.  Any advertisements you hear are provided to us via Radionomy, who in exchange for putting ads on the stream allows us to stream for free.  What you hear is a labor of love and we are typically losing money between internet service provider bills, DJ pool subscriptions, computer and audio equipment, and the other trappings of running a radio station or three.  We always appreciate donations – consider a small donation if you enjoy the music you hear on our stations:

IMAGING (i.e. the bits you hear between some songs and the top of the hour):

Some of our imaging is produced in-house.  Some additional imaging is woven together from freely available sound bites and music beds such as those provided by Music Radio Creative.  Additional imaging from Imaging Thing has also aired on our stations.

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For more information, please e-mail us or contact us at 630.296.7562.

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We are or also have been known as alt941.com, alt1041.com, radioxus.com, 1purealt.com, 1purealternative.com, 1pureedm.com, 1pureedmradio.com.