iOS devices WORK again!

Our streaming provider has fixed the issues related to iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and the Safari browser being able to hear our radio feeds.  Feel free to listen here, or search iTunes, your app store, or the “Radio” app on Apple TV for our stations (1 Pure Alternative, 1 Pure EDM, Radio X US) and listen once again!  Also, we are listed in the Radionomy app, which is available for all major mobile devices. So, come on back and enjoy the difference of the radio stations of the 1 Pure Radio Network!

iPhone listeners: NOTICE

Our service provider is having difficulties with the connections that iPhones use to stream our radio stations.  Please bear with us while we work with our service provider to restore these connections.  For now, the only option is going to be to listen to our service on an alternative source such as on a PC, Apple desktop computer, or other connected devices (Roku, Sonos, etc…).  We will post an update once the service is working properly again.  In the meantime, rest assured we aren’t going anywhere!

Christmas Music! **CORRECTION**

Are you looking for Christmas Music?  Starting this morning, we will play a wide variety of the familiar and the new on Radio X US.  It’s NOT just the same 9 songs over and over again in different renditions.  HUNDREDS of songs will help you dash through the snow!  Now through December 26th at 4 AM Central Standard (US) time (0900 GMT)!  (Then, at 4:01 AM on December 26th, it’s back to the best alternative rock ever recorded, on your Alternative Classic Rock station!)

Coming on 12/21/17 to Radio X US

On Radio X US, we will be featuring our now annual (we can call it that, this will be the third year!) “Radio X-mas” presentation.  We will play classic, current and otherwise interesting and unique Christmas music 24/7 from 12/21 until 12/26.  Take us with you when you go over the hills and through the woods…or wherever you may roam this Christmas season.  Starts at 5:00 AM on 12/21.

Tune in via our website, search for our app in the app store (“Radio X US”), or find our listing in many online radio directories or connected in-dash and desktop radios.  Let’s rock Christmas!

The classic alternative continues after 12/26, so don’t worry, that’s not going anywhere!


A new version of each of our stations launches every week:

Radio X US – additional classics put into the playlist each Friday
1 Pure Alternative Radio – the latest songs and a few of your favorites are added each Monday
1 Pure EDM Radio – the latest songs, along with some awesome classic bangers drop every Friday

For the very latest in what’s going on with each station, follow them on Twitter! and

Our ambitions include getting our award-winning alternative format on traditional radio.  In this turn, we are pursuing frequencies matching the domains above (alternative radio on 104.9 FM and/or 94.1 FM).  Please stay tuned for news regarding this front.  In the meantime, enjoy our stations over the web.  Find out how to listen on this website,  You will no longer find us at,, or – we apologize for any inconvenience, but the party continues here! Listen and if you have any comments, please let us know!

Comments and suggestions always welcomed!

We keep improving and expanding on our lovely radio stations every day.  Are you out there?  Do you hear us?  Let us know!  Also, if you have any suggestions, or ideas on what kinds of radio stations YOU want to hear, let us know!  We are here to serve you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Drop us a line at, call us at +1 630.296.7562, or just leave us a comment below.  Thanks!