No audio

It has been reported that there is no audio through our provider’s webstreams. Please be patient as they are looking into the problem now. We expect to be back on the air again soon!

Issues with silence

If you listen to our stations, you may notice that there is presently no audio.  This is a temporary condition and our streaming provider is working on it.  This affects thousands of other streaming stations as well.  It should be resolved within several hours.  Thanks for your patience.

iOS devices WORK again!

Our streaming provider has fixed the issues related to iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and the Safari browser being able to hear our radio feeds.  Feel free to listen here, or search iTunes, your app store, or the “Radio” app on Apple TV for our stations (1 Pure Alternative, 1 Pure EDM, Radio X US) and […]

Fresh EVERY week

New music is always coming out onto the scene, and we never take a break getting it to you.  Listen for the changes – it’s never the same stations twice!  New music each week!  Thanks for listening.

iPhone listeners: NOTICE

Our service provider is having difficulties with the connections that iPhones use to stream our radio stations.  Please bear with us while we work with our service provider to restore these connections.  For now, the only option is going to be to listen to our service on an alternative source such as on a PC, […]

Christmas Music! **CORRECTION**

Are you looking for Christmas Music?  Starting this morning, we will play a wide variety of the familiar and the new on Radio X US.  It’s NOT just the same 9 songs over and over again in different renditions.  HUNDREDS of songs will help you dash through the snow!  Now through December 26th at 4 […]

Radio X US refinements

We have adjusted the flow of the music on Radio X US – there will be less jarring transitions.  We’ve also made the center of the music more about the 1990s.  If you have any suggestions, or want to hear something that’s missing from 1990 to 2010, please let us know!