About Us

It’s simple. We create great radio stations, with the music you want to listen to, featuring minimal interruptions and advertising. 1 Pure Radio Network was founded in 2015, and we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of listeners discover new music and reconnect with their favorites.

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The passion, creativity, and rebellion deep-rooted in alternative music find a home at 1 Pure Alternative Radio, where every chord strikes a memory, every lyric spins a story, and every beat echoes the heartbeat of the alternative rock community. This is what makes us not just another alternative radio. We are pure alternative – we encapsulate the very essence of the genre without diluting it with mainstream commerciality. Hence our name, 1 Pure Alternative.

As a Toronto-based alternative rock station, we are genuinely committed to keeping alive the spirit of alternative rock in Canada while reaching out to listeners worldwide via our online radio platform. We’re all about that raw, edgy sound that defies convention and shatters musical boundaries. The vibrant Toronto radio scene makes us a central hub for everyone seeking a potent dose of a sublime auditory experience, but regardless of where you are located worldwide, you can tune in anytime, anywhere.

To make this a reality, our team of dedicated DJs and music curators are always on their toes, digging deep into the realm of alternative rock to discover riveting tracks that capture the essence of the genre. We highlight recent favorites in alternative rock music and blend them with the iconic tunes that have moulded the face of alternative rock over the years. This unique approach soothes every listener’s ears, catering to the nostalgia of long-time supporters while simultaneously meeting the adventurous spirit of new listeners exploring this blast-from-the-past genre.


What sets 1 Pure Alternative Radio apart in the competitive radio landscape is our commitment to staying ahead and ensuring that we always have something new and exciting to offer. How do we achieve this? By keeping a keen eye on global alternative music trends and incorporating those into our playlist. This segment will delve deeper into how 1 Pure Alternative Radio brings you the best of ‘recent favorites’ and fresh releases.

The soundscape of alternative rock is constantly evolving. Bold new artists emerge each day, breathing fresh life into the genre with their unique styles and innovative approaches to songwriting. In order to stay relevant and continue catering to the diverse tastes of our listeners, it’s essential for us at 1 Pure Alternative Radio to adapt along with these changes.

We believe that part of the charm of tuning into a radio station lies in the anticipation – not knowing what track will play next but hoping that it’ll be something good, something worth your time. To keep this surprise element alive while still delivering quality music, we make sure to include a significant share of recent favorites and new releases in our programming.

We maintain a fine balance between recognizing and celebrating the legends who shaped alternative rock while making space for emerging talents bringing in fresh perspectives. We understand that both are essential for keeping the spirit of alternative rock alive – honoring its roots while nurturing its future growth.

Tune in to 1 Pure Alternative Radio – your hub for an intelligent alternative mix that sparks joy, ignites curiosity, and connects listeners worldwide through their shared passion for alternative rock!