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We’re 1 Pure Radio, an organization small in size, but with collective decades of radio programming experience, especially in the realms of alternative, rock and dance music.

We don’t aim to take over the world, but we hope to brighten at least your corner of it!

We’re based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but we have contractors in several locations throughout North America to assist in our programming and planning.

There are no open positions at this time, but we will consider accepting pre-recorded shows. Please contact us if you have an alternative rock or EDM show that you would like to have broadcast and we will consider it for inclusion on one of our stations: .

There is presently no live air-staff due to pandemic-related financial limitations, but we still adjust the playlist on a daily basis as listenership and chart trends dictate.


All songs are broadcast in accordance with the legal requirements of TorontoCast, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and with direct permission that has been obtained from all rights holders or their intermediaries (record labels, radio broadcast promoters, etc). In order to comply with these broadcasting requirements, the music on all services produced by 1 Pure Radio will not be made available for download in any form. Licensing and royalty fees are paid for each song per listener via TorontoCast to SOCAN.


1 Pure Alternative Radio:
(Today’s alternative rock, focusing on recently released music, with popular songs from the past several years mixed in.)

We prefer and actively promote mutually beneficial arrangements for the artists we play:  we promote the artists on-air and on social media and they help promote our radio station on their own social media outlets or at their live events.

We are always looking for artists, record labels, and other promotional services to use on our stations.  If you are interested as an artist, record label, or music promoter… come and get heard!

Track submissions are preferentially accepted through our DropTrack service. For optimal results, please upload broadcast quality tracks. Please submit them below:

Send Us Your Music (click here)

You may also inquire directly via


Special programming:

Special programming has been discontinued at this time due to low listener numbers during most of these events. We will instead double down on the format that _is_ working (recent and new alternative hits).


We presently run no advertising on any of our services, due to the limitations of our SOCAN license.

If you enjoy what you hear, please consider a donation to defray various expenses, including music acquisition and licensing fees – please donate any amount. You will find donation details at the bottom of our front page at

Alternatively, direct donations via Paypal to are always accepted.

IMAGING (i.e. the bits you hear between some songs and the top of the hour):

Some of our imaging is produced in-house.  Some additional imaging is woven together from freely available sound bites and music beds such as those provided by Music Radio Creative.  Additional imaging from Imaging Thing has also aired on our stations.

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For more information please e-mail us: