February 19, 2021:

1 Pure EDM News:
Fundraising continues, and we’re getting there. We’ve added a bunch more new songs, thanks to the donations we’ve already received. Tune in and see what’s new. We will be expanding listener capability very soon so that more people can join our little forevermore party!

February 2, 2021:

1 Pure Alternative:
Some minor adjustments to the playlist again to keep pace with your passions. Check out what’s new, and keep up the good feedback!

January 21, 2021:

1 Pure EDM news:
Some big changes coming soon – we are about halfway towards funding an expansion of the station and a return to more normal operations. We have added a bunch of new songs in the meantime! Thanks for your support! To help 1 Pure EDM continue to grow, please look for our ko-fi link on our front page and help us out!


January 4, 2021:

1 Pure Alternative News:
The marathon is OVER. Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the great comments! We have decided to incorporate a few of the songs into our normal playlist. Listen for a little surprise every now and again, otherwise, things are now back to “normal” again and we’ll be back to work, working hard on the soundtrack to your life!

Help us out! Look for our ko-fi link on our front page!


December 31, 2020:

1 Pure Alternative News:
The presentation “Pure Alt A to Z” is still rolling on. ALL the alternative rock hits from the entire history of the genre, 1969 to yesterday. We plan on finishing the marathon on January 4th, 2021. Apparently, hearing the wider musical selection has been a hit with our listeners! Thanks for being along for the journey. We will return to our normal format… mostly… soon. We’ve decided to mix in these little surprises here and there in our normal playlist.


July 24, 2020:

For 1 Pure Alternative Radio:

We are fully up and running on our new broadcast servers.

You may need to update your links due to this change.

Find our player page at https://jenny.torontocast.com:2000/public/1PureAlternativeRadio

Enter https://jenny.torontocast.com:2000/stream/1PureAlternativeRadio into your favorite streaming software or device to continue listening.

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