Frequently asked questions, and answers

Who are you?

We are 1 Pure Radio Network, an independent organization that believes that radio shouldn’t be confined to just what “they” tell us to play. We want to give every musician a chance to be on our airwaves!

The staff have considerable experience in programming, particularly with alternative, rock, pop and dance music.


Where are you?

We are based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We have staff helping from other locations in the US and Canada; but we are considered a Canadian radio station for regulatory purposes, as all broadcasts in any form emanate from Canada.


How can I suggest a song to be played?

There are several options!

send an e-mail to requests@1pureradio.com
send a text to +16302967562
a submission via our form at https://1pureradio.com/contact/


How is licensing handled?

All songs are broadcast in accordance with the legal requirements of TorontoCast (our streaming partner), SOCAN, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and with direct permission that has been obtained from all rights holders or their intermediaries. Any song that you hear on our services has rigorously passed these requirements.

The music on all services produced by 1 Pure Radio will never be made available for download in any form.

Licensing and royalty fees are paid for each song per listener via TorontoCast to SOCAN. All broadcasts are monitored and each song is logged to ensure accurate reporting.

If you, as a rightsholder, wish to file a DMCA complaint and have your song removed from our service, please e-mail dmca@1pureradio.com.

What kind of music do you play on your stations?

1 Pure Alternative Radio: The latest and the best in alternative rock, indie pop, and many other “left-of-center” tracks.

There are no other stations available at this time. As finances and listener trends and preferences allow, we will (re)introduce stations to our network.


How can I be a presenter (DJ) on your stations?

We are not featuring any live presenters at this time due to budget constraints, instead, our existing staff programs the stations on a daily basis to ensure a fresh music mix.

When our finances improve, we will revisit this idea, including seeking persons that are passionate about the types of music we play and who want to help further guide our vision of providing entertaining radio with features and songs you won’t find just anywhere.

However, if you do have any pre-recorded, weekly shows in the genres of EDM or Alternative/indie, we are interested in hearing from you for a potential slot in our schedule. Please submit a sample programme to shows@1pureradio.com.


How can I send music to you?

You may inquire directly via submissions@1pureradio.com


What is your policy on advertising?

We presently run no advertising on any of our services, due to the limitations of our SOCAN license.

If you enjoy what you hear, please consider a donation to defray various expenses, including music acquisition and licensing fees – please donate any amount. You will find donation details below.