1 Pure 80s Radio

Listen to 1 Pure 80s Radio here!

We play the best in 1980s new wave, rock and power pop! We mix the familiar with the forgotten, and the “oh wow” with the pleasantly obscure.


1 Pure Alternative Radio

Listen to 1 Pure Alternative Radio here!

We’ve got the latest in alternative and modern rock, indie, progressive pop and more! We also include your favorites from the past several years.


1 Pure EDM Radio

Listen to 1 Pure EDM Radio here!

Enjoy the past, present and future of EDM! We play the very latest in EDM, along with the past 20 years of the best club bangers!


Radio X US – Your Alternative Classics

Listen to Radio X US here!

Radio X US is your home for classic alternative music from the 90s and 2000s, all day, every day.


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We’re not stopping here, though…

We’ve got more formats on the way! Keep listening and keep on coming back to the 1 Pure Radio Network!

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